Free Webinar – Student Loan Repayment


Entering repayment for your student loans can be just as stressful and confusing as funding your college education in the first place. When do you need to make your first payment? What’s a grace period? Where should you send your payments? What happens if you can’t make a payment?

Credit Union Student Choice will be hosting a FREE national webinar on repaying your student loans to…

Last Minute Ways to Pay for College

money tree

If you’re headed to college this fall, you’ve likely received your tuition bill and the deadline to pay is quickly approaching. You might be experiencing some sticker shock; according to CollegeBoard, one year of room, board, and tuition at a private four-year university costs an average of $43,921. Before you start stressing about the lack of a money tree in your backyard, here…

College Prep Webinar Recording Now Available

College Prep WebinarPop quiz for college-bound high school students:

  • Can you name five places to search for college scholarships?
  • Do you know what changes are coming to the FAFSA?
  • Have you reviewed your high school transcripts?


If you answered “no” to any of the above, you’ll definitely want to check out the latest installment of our National Webinar series to help you get ready for college….

Prepare for College with a Free Webinar!

College_Prep-Webinar-BannerT1_3-16Student Choice is excited to offer another FREE national webinar for all students and families on April 27, 2016! Join our College Access Counselor, Patricia Poplicean, as she gives high school students and their families important tips on making the most of their senior year of high school. The webinar will be offered at 1pm EST and 6pm…

What’s in a Name?

Elite UWhen it comes to choosing a college, students and parents may think it’s worth the hefty price tag to attend a more prestigious school. Who doesn’t dream of an Ivy League diploma on their office wall? But a recent article in The Wall Street Journal shows that attending an elite level college may not actually pay off in the end. While highly…

FAFSA Resource Roundup

Written by Sharon Simpson for Student Choice

FAFSA blog graphicFilling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a critical first step in the financial aid process. While it may seem daunting at first glance, filling out the FAFSA doesn’t have to be overwhelming. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the FAFSA takes most people only 23 minutes to complete and there…

Free Webinar for Students and Families


Student Choice is excited to offer a FREE national webinar for all students and families on January 20, 2016! Join our College Access Counselor, Patricia Poplicean, as she takes college-bound students and parents through each step of completing the FAFSA – your gateway to FREE financial aid. The webinar will be offered at 1pm EST and 6pm EST so you can join…

Responsible Credit Card Use

New Card User123456789Many young people see credit cards in one of two ways: “Yay, free money!” or “No way, I’m steering clear of those!” What you may not realize is there is a middle ground in the form of responsible credit card use. To start off on the right path you need to understand why you might want to use a credit card in the…

The Building Blocks of Good Credit

credit-scoreIf you’re headed off to college for the first time, you may have never given any thought to your credit score or how it affects loans you apply for. You might not even know what a credit score really is. But as you venture closer to being an independent adult, it’s vital that you understand the basics of building good credit.

What is a credit score?


Earn an “A+” in Budgeting

Written by Lisa Phelps

a+budgetGoing off to college is probably one of your first big solo adventures. Along with the freedom to make your own decisions comes the responsibility of having to manage your money. You may excel at this – or you may struggle like I did.

We’ve got some great advice on ways to earn an “A+” in financial management, and it all starts with:

Creating a budget.

But it’s…